Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pedro´s dream CLIL video challenge

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday I posted on my blog the amazing story of Pedro Picasso told in a comic. This was only the first step to create this video that I bring you today.
Once we did the comic we decided to turn it into a video with music to make it even more interesting.

The story of this video is the same story of the comic showed yesterday. We are in the year 5302, due to the lack of resources in the Earth, all human beings have moved to another planet called Electron. People here have learned how to take care of the environment and of the different resources of this new planet.
Our story begins when a child called Pedro Picasso, a fourteen years old boy, great, great, great grandson of the famous painter Pablo Picasso realise that all the members of his family have an extraordinary talent, all but him. He has presented a great drawing to her teacher but she does not understand Pedro´s art.

He also has another problem he loves junk food and he does not like to have showers or baths, so he is always so dirty. Her mother is always telling him that if he wants to be a painter he needs to be a little more organized and clean, and that he needs to eat healthy food if he wants to have enough energy to keep being as creative as he is.

One night he has a dream. In this dream there are two people, the amazing painters; Velazquez and Picasso, this painters tell him that he needs to change his mind; he has to be proud of his art and try to explain it to her teacher. Besides, he needs to be a healthy boy if he wants to have energy so he needs to start eating better and being cleaner.

Finally after this revealing dream, he talks with her teacher explaining his art and the teacher begins to understand it. He also starts to eat healthier food and having better hygiene habits so her mother is so proud of him and he feels much better, with more energy and attitude.

To make this video we used the tool Kizoa. I did not know much about this tool before but I think that it is really interesting. It lets you add music and different kinds of transitions and animations between the images.

The only problem about this tool is that you cannot share your video at least you have a youtube account.

Here you have the video, do not leave this page without watching it or you will miss an amazing story!

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