Other projects (for parents and teachers)

The #Twima (The World is my Audience) project has arrived with the new edition of this year: #Twima2. In this project students and teachers from all around the world create and share different stories that will soon be turned into multimedia.

The first step of this project, which was carried out from 3 to 23 March 2015, was writing a dream in a google drive and share it with the rest of the world.

In my opinion this project is a fantastic opportunity to highly motivate children to create a story, poem or any kind of writing work. They will do a great effort to do their best if they know that people from all around the world will read their work.

Furthermore, they will share ideas, feelings or knowledge; they will be free to express all they want through their writing.

But Twima2 is not only sharing writing works but reading and understanding other people´s work. This is referred to the second part of the project where different students or teachers take those writing works and turned them into a multimedia.

I cannot imagine how exciting it could be for a child to discover that his writing work has been appreciated by someone else somewhere in the world and has been turned into a multimedia that reflect in an interactive, visual and sometimes fun way all the things that he or she has created.

This second step of the project is being developed now, from 2 April to 2 May 2015.

I have created a multimedia using Powtoon, to animate one of those writing works: Zach´s story about his British accent dog Henry and himself. I would like to thanks Zach for writing this wonderful story that you will love to read. It is in the fifth and twenty-seventh page of this document.

Here it is my animation, hope you enjoy it!

And remember you can follow all the news about this project on the hashtag #Twima2 on Twitter. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! A link to #twima2 would be nice, Nora

  2. Thanks for your comment, I have just added the link :)