Thursday, 30 April 2015

Artifact 2

The second artifict you will have to do is about creating a character and a profile for him or her. You can do this artifict with any tool for creating avatars or comics, such as for example Storyboard That, Voki or Pixton.

You will use this character to invent the story that you will create in your final video with some of your peers. It is necessary to complete a profile about your avatar telling on it the kind of person, animal or being that he or she is. You will have to include some information about your character related to our topic such as for example if he is a healthy person or not and why. You can add the amount of fruits he eats or if he is a clean person, for example.

You can create his profile by recording your own voice if you use Voki or writing it in the comic if you are using Storyboard That or Pixton.

Remember you can use the mentioned tool or any other tool where you can create an avatar and add a profile.

I have created my own avatar with her profile for you as an example. I have used Pixton to create her because I find this tool really visual and it has lots of possibilities for body and face expressions which I like so much.

Once I completed the comic I turned it into a video using Animoto to make it more engaging and interesting.

Here it is my example:

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