Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Planning a Video Challenge Storyboard

Hello everybody,

Here I come with one more step in my road to create an eBook! This time I have created a video challenge storyboard.

To carry out this task I have worked with some peers of my university class: @MariaJLlopis @estefaniablanch and @MartaLFabero28.

We have created a really interesting and exciting story in which we have joined all the different topics of our eBooks.  We have based our story in planets, storytelling, arts and healthy habits.

At the beginning of the task we had several doubts because it was hard to join all those topics in a coherent story but, as you know, working with peers is great so we had several conversations and debates and finally we found out the way to mix all our topics in an amazing story.

We did a comic for our story and we used Pixton to do it. This is a really easy to use tool where you can design your own characters, dialogs and backgrounds. Something great about this tool is that you can change the face expressions of the characters and the different parts of their bodies.

So here it is our story, hope you like it!

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