Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Collaborative presentation that supports learners

Hello everyone!

Completing all the different tasks that we (teachers) prepare for our students may sometimes be so difficult for them; we need to create some support in order to make the learning process accurately for them.

In this case one of my peers, @estifaniablanch and me, we have created a really interesting and beautiful story about some weird beings that live in other planet. With this story I want to support my students by making easier and motivating the learning of the different contents of the unit.

This story will support them as well due to the fact that they will have to use their imagination to relate the different learned concepts and turn them into an invented story or experiment that they will have to present in a video format for their final activity.

We have used Storybird for this tale. This is a fantastic tool that let you create different tales about almost every topic you want. The images that it offers are fantastic, so visual and beautiful, however, you can just select one theme for each tale and you cannot mix it with other different themes.

Another thing about this tool is that it takes a long time to moderate your story and you cannot use the embed code until it is moderated so that is the reason why I am sharing with you the link and not embedding the tale.

So here you have our fantastic story, hope you enjoy it! 

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